Thursday, February 11, 2016

How To Take The Perfect Instagram Photos

Instagram is one of the largest social networks in the world, this service enabling users to load pictures and video processing, image filtering and distributing them on other social networks. The online platform was launched in 2010, its creators are Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, which currently occupies CEO of Instagram. 

Facebook Instagram bought in 2012 for almost a billion dollars. In 2014, the service Instagram has become the second largest social network globally, number of users surpassing that of rival Twitter users.

Now over a year Instagramul caught me when I was in a camp photo and several participants had iPhoane (and not only) and made some super pictures! I had borrowed a DSLR and as I was struggling not so cool we took pictures.

Then I decided to get my iPhone to take pictures and learn best with any other apparatus.

I have 644 pictures on my Instagram account right now. And recently a little over 1,000 followers.

When I feel like doing photo - often when I go in Bucharest (I do not know why) - and gives me a good feeling to tell stories through pictures. As evidence that some pictures on Instagram and publish them on the blog with some small stories here.

In this week's show I spoke to Alex Damian on Instagram. Then with Corina at Instaromânia about the contests on Instagram with the bikes Toni Pegas about how and what makes a brand on a social network photo.

Robert from (only blog in the world about Instagram?) Helped me with information and support. Thanks! :)

In 2-3 days I gathered  hashtag on instagram photos with over 200 "modern Romania" because I promised that I will choose 10 photos to bag cool show. Super-flour expertise to launch a challenge on Instagram and receive hundreds of photos in response! I used the hashtag yet, from what I see, although the challenge was done.

Last year, Facebook introduced the ability to set in place a video profile image. However, for the time being they can not be uploaded videos than with iOS devices. Today's noticed a growing interest of customers to conduct campaigns on both Google and Facebook. Thus reach a mix of tools: ads on social media, where they can enter and platforms like YouTube, complete with search engine promotion.

Customers want to see tangible results

On the list of trends that will be essential this year include greater attention to quantifying the results, interest no longer only for traffic and impressions. 

Today's market analysis in Romania shows that 40-50% of orders coming from the site are completed through a telephone call, and in some cases, such as printers, where the sky offers telephone, the percentage of customers / prospects come through this channel can be 80%. 

The measurement of these results, not only it is important to develop once the number of channels.

In USA can directly measure those that happen online (ex .: using a shopping cart or a contact form), and phone numbers by redirect from Google or third call tracking tools, based on a system of diversion call and data collection. However, in the UK and USA are researched new methods that can be tracked better these actions.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Engine Factory

The movement is shown walking. This well-known phrase, attributed to the Greek philosopher Diogenes, could become the slogan of the international awards to the engines of the year (International Engine of the Year Awards), a contest that highlights what most interesting propellers of the current offer and which is a source of valuable information for those who are are considering the purchase of a car , because quality you treasure the engine will largely depend on the performance, consumption and durability that can bring any car.

The competition is organised by the British company UKIP Media & Events, and is independent of marks: "We do not receive publicity or financial support from manufacturers or dealers," says the small print of the bases of the event. The jury, composed of journalists specialised in automotive (65 from 31 countries in this seventeenth Edition), valued aspects such as power consumption, performance and technology used in each engine, and granted 12 trophies in total.

The engine factory

The reliability of an engine largely depends on how take care. But there are three basic tips that will help keep the mechanics in form: do not accelerate too with the cold car, not turn off suddenly when hot and change the oil once a year but does not touch.
Begin to circulate with the car, have to pamper the engine until you take temperature. It should accelerate smoothly and avoid too much upload speed: not exceeding, for example, 50% of the total rotational speed. The coolant will reach 90 degrees recommended certain quickly (you can see in the display of the Instrumentation), but oil will take a few more minutes and it is more important, although, paradoxically, very few cars include an oil temperature indicator.\

Cars with engine turbo, either petrol or diesel, also require some care to turn off the vehicle, and not only to start it. After travel hundreds of kilometres by motorway and, for example, stop to refuel or to eat, a good precaution is to leave the car at idle about 30 or 40 seconds before shutting it off. Thus not burned oil residue will accumulate in the turbo and will extend the duration of this component.

Finally, apply a scrupulous maintenance is another guarantee of longevity. Change the oil once a year, but they have not fulfilled the kilometers established till the next change, is another solution to maximize the life of the engine. It is one more affordable operations, but also the most necessary, because if you have lost property or missing oil, the propeller will not be properly lubricated and serious damage may cause.

There is one primary, which differentiates absolute winners and is named International Engine of the Year. He is accompanied by other three parallel Awards, awards for the new engine (New Engine), a direct window to the most recent developments of the market, and Motor Sport (Performance) and eco (Green) Motor, representing two technological Struts with the latest in engineering. And the development is completed with other eight crowns that outlined the most interesting mechanics of each engine capacity of less than 1. 000cc more than 4. 000cc, making a revision to the entire offering in the market. For this reason, some engines get more than one trophy: of their displacement and, perhaps, some parallel laurels.

Awards are trying to select the most complete engines, with the best balance between all aspects, and not just in one. Thus, a mechanic who spent very little but missing him power or is not nice driving (for loudness, response to accelerating...) is difficult to finish to be imposed. Any of the winners, and finalists, offers guarantees that you buy a large propeller.

Striking the rise of engines turbo, both displacements lower, with mechanical of three cylinders, and the superiors, with propellers of six and eight, and also mechanical batteries, both pure electric and the plug-in hybrids, which year after year go climbing positions.

In the edition of 2015, BMW has been awarded the absolute Award (International Engine of the Year) with the mechanical sports i8 plug-in hybrid; Ford is second with its engine 1.0 Ecoboost turbo petrol and three cylinders (winner the past three years), and Peugeot closed the podium with its propeller 1.2 PureTech, also turbo cylinder gasoline. But BMW also manages other three gold medals that make it the big winner of the contest: best new engine, best engine 1. 400cc 1. 800cc and 2. 500cc 3. 000cc. The German manufacturer produces 4 of the 12 Awards, although 3 correspond to its plug-in mechanism, which also achieved the award of new engine ahead of two propellers from

Friday, January 29, 2016

Information about Google

Google is full of tricks that very few people know about. Although it is not easy to find them, when you're done simply test them will leave you open-mouthed. It is the case of the term "zerg rush". This happens if you put the word into the search bar.

In a home you will not notice anything, however, a few seconds you will begin to notice some letters "Or" yellow down your screen. These circles will begin to eat the information Google and it will leave you without observing any search. Something really terrible.

All your Google search will begin to crumble as dominoes. Simply use the mouse to be able to avoid it.
All your Google search will begin to crumble as dominoes. Simply use the mouse to be able to avoid it.
But there is a solution, you can drive the famous "O" of red color and start fights with the yellow. So it's a pretty clever game where you will be able to confront the machine itself to never eat the information Google.

At the end of the game, you will see appearing a result consisting of the same yellow and red circles. You only have 30 seconds to play and get your maximum score. This trick is very similar to that happens to play Atari or Pacman.

Have you found another hidden field in Google? As many shortcuts you can go to enough hidden areas that exist in the sought. Now we already know what happens if you do a search for "zerg rush".

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg joked last year when he said that he had returned to Barcelona "ham". This year, the creator of the world's most famous social networking site will be for the third consecutive year the speaker of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, the mobile phone Congress which will take place from 22 to 25 February.

In this issue-the thirteenth Congress in total and the eleventh in the Catalan capital, in addition to Zuckerberg is the return of Google as one of the most outstanding companies, and also the presence of the pilot of Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton, who along with the ceo of Ford, Mark Fields, will discuss the impact of mobile telephony in the automobile industry , one of the major trends of the future in the industry.

It also repeated the main mobile telephony operators and manufacturers (such as Samsung, Huawei and LG or Telefónica, Vodafone and Orange). But John Hoffman, the Chief Executive Officer of GSMA-Mobile Organizer-stressed yesterday during the presentation the role that will have this year the King of e-commerce in Asia, Alibaba; the Graphene, a material 200 times more resistant than steel and will have its own Pavilion, and the latest advances in technology 5 g.

But this 2016, one of the most important news will be the startup of the L9 of the metro to get to the grounds of the MWC. "We've talked about for several years and finally it is reality," said Hoffman, who expected to be workers strike desconvoqui and descongestionin as well access to the space of Fira de Barcelona in L'Hospitalet.

The MWC 2016 plans to continue beating records. The organisers expect 95000 participants (last year there were 93.000), 13000 part-time jobs offer (by 2015 were it 12672) and get an economic impact of between 450 and 460 million euros (last year was $ 436 million).

However, to achieve this, the organizers detailed yesterday that after the attacks in Paris in the month of November this year the Conference will be an event of "high risk". The Chief Executive Officer of GSMA explained that it has drawn up a "plan of excellent security" and asked for advanced to all attendees who have patience, because it extremaran the security measures and there will be police checks at all entrances, where for the first time will verify the identity of the participants.

In this sense, are responsible for coordinating the security troops of the Congress admitted yesterday that they have not yet been detailed in what number will increase the security troops, but explained that it will try integrated device that will cover all events, also the ones that take place outside of the enclosure, such as gastronomic tours of the city, the events at hotels or in the Montjuïc Exhibition Centre , where this year he returns to celebrate the Conference for start-ups, Four Years For Now (4YFN).

Last year they mobilized a total of 2455 police troops, in addition to 640 police officers, private security and personal 320 624. These figures will increase due to the current level of alert, which is a four on a scale of five.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Google Cars

Google wants to 2016 to be the year of the car. Full Auto week, Detroit and a week after the news of CES Google has explained how it was their vehicles without a driver last year.

Responsible for this innovation, Chris Urmson, has published a document explaining the details of the movement of the car. Exhibits that they have already traveled 1.3 million miles in traffic open, shared with human drivers and three million more per day only with simulators to reinforce learning of their artificial intelligence system.

Despite the positive tone of the official message, DMV, the body that regulates the traffic, equivalent to the General Directorate of traffic in Spain, is obliged to document and publish all these experimental vehicle-related incidents.

Official figures show a total of 341 failures that forced to disconnect the autopilot: 272 were technical errors and 13 of them avoided an accident thanks to the intervention of a human driver.

"The human drive worse than machines"
The bumpy debut of Google driverless car
Car without a driver from Google, both without steering wheel (the two-seater nicknamed as 'koala') with him, has a warning system. In case of lost communication via the Internet, of a sensor failure, or problems in the direction, the motor or the brakes, it warns the driver so that it takes control of the car. According to the information from Google, average human reaction is 0.8 seconds since jump alarm.

Commitment to this type of transport is one of the priorities of Google. It is fact that the change of venue for its annual Conference, I/o, traditionally at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco, to its headquarters in Mountain View, much more uncomfortable for the audience, is due to the need of having a closed space to show what's new with their cars, make tests and demonstrations. Much more complicated with real traffic in a business center.

The search engine is not the only firm that investigates this alternative transportation. Tesla, Nissan and Mercedes also have to publish their experiences in a public way. While those of Elon Musk argue that they have not had problems that his experiment, by now limited to changing lanes on highways, Nissan admits that the autopilot disconnected 405 times. Mercedes indicates in detail problems and situations. They don't blush confess that their cars left the automatic 1,051 times in only 2,700 kilometers. 502 times it was due to a technical failure. The other decision of the driver who literally "felt uncomfortable". All these reports belong to tests in real traffic in California, almost always in the vicinity of Palo Alto, or the 101 Highway, which links the heart of Silicon Valley to San Francisco.
google cars
The failures of the first tests with autonomous cars have not been a deterrent. On the contrary. The Obama administration has just unveiled a plan through Anthony Foxx, the Secretary of transportation, to support the development of the car without a driver with a Fund of $ 4,000 million dedicated to the research of security measures so that these vehicles are a reality on the road in less than 10 years.

The announcement took place during the fair of Detroit, the most important annual event in the world of motor motor. The funds will be within the federal budget of 2017. According to Reuters, the Secretary Foxx has detailed the priority will be to develop needs to make sure its running naturally. It held its position before representatives of Ford and Google, two companies that will surely benefit out of this measure: "we think that there is great potential to save lives, reduce gas emissions and transforming the disabled Americans. "What we do now, and in the next months will be just the beginning of the road that will follow the manufacturers, official agency and consumers".

Mark Rosekind, responsible for the State Highway system, present at the event, explained that Iran gradually changing permissions to these cars can roll on different spaces. "We know that 94% of fatal accidents have to do with human errors. We have to put everything in our power to accelerate the adoption of these cars. We will work with the State, industry and innovators who come to give options. We want to keep the current security, as these cars are added. Safety is our priority."

According to the revealed plan, in the first six months of this year the Government deploy a series of recommendations to manufacturers, which serve as frameworks. Then will come the turn of engineering. Foxx asked the manufacturers to consult them, to share data. He gave as an example the case of BMW and the channels that continued to develop its system of remote parking.

The release envelope this announcement underscores the interest to find ways to move safer "including those which are designed without a human driver".

What is not so clear is what will be the rules for the whole country, what incentives will the Administration, in which cases and how. It is not known the position of insurance companies. Expected that these doubts disclose throughout the year.